Genero Consulting expertise covers 18 years in launch and re-launch of primarly premium brands. 


Experience and performance in the EMEA & SEA markets.

We are embedded in the clients Business Development division and offer strategic consultancy, route-to-market solution up to business implementation and business development, sales & marketing management.


Consulting services

  • Strengthening internal sales & marketing skills 

  • Attracting innovative and sustainable products 

  • Preparation and execution of new product launches 

  • Improving sales results of existing products 

  • Creating new business 

  • Creating partnerships

Sourcing services

  • We operate directly with manufacturers for oral & dental care solutions

  • Sourcing managment with our selection of full licensed medical manufacturers for PPE and in particular professional infrared thermometers, N95, FFP2, FFP3, sterile surgical respirators or face masks, nitrile & sterile latex examination gloves.

The water flow of the river follows his way though its ground situation;in the same way your army must adapt itself to its battlefield as to its enemies.

A victorious army is one that is able to adapt to conquer. 


Sun Tzu




  • Business Development, route-to-market management, strategic consultancy & implementation, distribution


  • Business Development, strategic consultancy & implementation


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